What We Believe

Statement of Faith

Our Profession of Faith

Our belief concerning God  
We believe there is One true and living God, who reveals himself to mankind and is the creator and sustainer of life. We believe God to be loving, wise and just. We believe God created all mankind in the image, lovingness, and likeness of God truthful eminence,  which endures to all generations according to Psalms 100 .

Our belief concerning Jesus Christ
 We believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God. We believe He lived and died to redeem us from the penalties of sin. We believe to invoke redemption from sin we must represent the gospel of Jesus Christ through song, dance, preaching and teaching of the holy written Word of God.

Our belief concerning The Trinity
We believe that there is one true and living God represented in the trinity : the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,  which will eternally lead and guide us.

Our belief concerning The Bible
We believe that the Bible is God’s inspired Word, given to mankind to show us how to love God, our neighbors and ourselves. We believe the scriptures were written for inspiration, restoration, salvation, and correction.

Our belief concerning Sin
 We believe that we must ask Jesus for forgiveness to be freed from sin.

Our belief concerning The Love of God
We believe that God's divine love is abundantly translated into his only son Jesus the Messiah according to John 3:16 dying on the cross for our sins.

Our belief concerning The Holy Spirit
We believe according to John 16:13, that the Holy Spirit will guide us to live a holy, joyful, and peaceful life, both in heaven and this present world.


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